Aerospace, Aviation, Defence, Space and Security companies require high performing teams and solutions that can manage all inter-related business processes in order to attain Organizational Performance and increase profits.

GBI International Consulting can help your organization to transform your business results by teaming with you on strategy, organizational development, change and business process transformation solutions deployment.

GBI International Consulting  support international Aerospace Associations and Communities: 


GBI International Consulting  provide innovative, creative and tailored solutions within the Aerospace, Aviation, Defence, Space and Security sectors.

In order to produce exceptional value for our clients and their workforce, we organize our services into specific capabilities, each with its own  importance and strategies.

These activities are naturally and inextricably woven together, inspiring us to work across disciplines and geographies to deliver exceptional solutions to complex issues.

 Business Transformation

 Culture Transformation

Organizational Development

Learning & Development

 Employee Engagement

Career & Talent Management

Talent Acquisition & Employer Brand

Recruitment & Selection

Outplacement & Career Transition

Communications & Marketing

Coaching & Mentoring 







GBI International Consulting provides effective and strategic solutions for the following industrial markets across the globe.

Each market has very demanding requirements not only in terms of product design and performance but also in terms of service and delivery.

We have acquired a good hands-on experience and developed a strategic vision to well understand  and support the key markets in which we operate:

Aircraft Manufacturers – OEM – MRO – Aircraft Operators – UAV – Flying Cars – Airlines – Lessors – Satellite Manufactures – Launcher Manufacturers – Suppliers – Specialized Consulting Firms







Manufacturing – Engineering – Support – MRO
Composites – Additive Manufacturing – 3D Printing – Powder Metallurgy – Graphene – Advanced Engineering
Cybersecurity – Data & Analytics – IoT – VR – Artificial Intelligence – Robotics


GBI International Consulting works with a broad customer base including startups, small, mid and blue chip companies and specialized consulting firms working in the Aerospace, Aviation, Defence, Space and Security sectors.

Aircraft Manufacturers – OEM – MRO – Aircraft Operators – UAV – Flying Cars – Airlines – Lessors – Satellite Manufactures – Launcher Manufacturers – Suppliers – Specialized Consulting Firms

High performance  companies within very demanding and fast-changing environments need exceptional, innovative, systematic and reliable solutions to support their business.

GBI International Consulting supports its clients in transforming their business process strategies and helping make change happen. Our insights, vision, tools and hands-on support help our clients and their teams develop clear and executable strategies and tactics in order to achieve their business goals and objectives.


Could  your organisation benefit from innovative and creative solutions in our areas of expertise?
Please contact us at enquiry@gbi-international-consulting.com
We will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours.

Our experienced consultants will propose you an appointment or a conference call to discuss about your needs and a possible collaboration.


We actively support our clients worldwide to attract, find, performance monitor and retain the very best profiles.

GBI International Consulting connects top talent with top companies within the Aerospace, Aviation, Space, Defence and Security sectors.
Our focus as an international provider is finding the right opportunity for our candidates from Entry level to Experienced, from Workers to Top Management profiles.

Our experienced consultants are former Talent Management, Talent  Acquisition and Technical Recruitment leaders, their expertise and knowledge of these sectors make of them the perfect partners to work with.

At GBI International Consulting, we take care of the individual as a key element of an organization. We are career makers not career breakers!
We have a responsibility to hold ourselves to high ethical standards and to demonstrate ethical business practices that other firms can emulate.
We strive for high levels of integrity in everything we do.

We have a global database and a large network to connect our high potential and top performing candidates with fantastic companies across the world.

Thinking about your next move?

Please send us your up-to-date resume to talent@gbi-international-consulting.  Our experienced consultants will contact you at your convenience  to discuss your professional objectives, career progression and aspirations. All information will be treated as strictly confidential.

Career Coaching

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